2 Events Coming Up


Hello everyone! We are doing something a little different this week! It’s Bowling week! a chance for you to show off your fantastic skills!

We will meet at the Parkinson steps (as usual) at 7:00pm and walk down to the Cuthbert Brodrick,we will have a bit of a chat… a few drinks.

After that we’ll be moving onto AMF Bowling for 9:00pm (which is in the Merrion centre… right near Morrisons.) And we’ll have a few rounds of bowling.

(Prices will be confirmed soon) At the moment it is £3.50 a game or 2 games for £6.00… It is better to get 2, because the games go really quickly!

Finally. Please remember to bring ID for drinks but ALSO

BRING YOUR STUDENT ID TO BOWLING… or you may not get a discount.

Looking forward to see everyone there!

Date: Tuesday 20 October 2009
Time: 19:30 to 00:00
Location: AMF Bowling Leeds

Everyone get ready to Party for Halloween!!!!

That’s right everyone! The time has come for you to get your Halloween Costumes on and get down to the joint Japanese Society and EARS Halloween Party!

The party will be held at Mine in the University Union starting at 9:00pm and it includes Great DJ’s and A fancy dress competition, as well a great party vibe!

Tickets are £5 for non-members and £3 for members

We will start selling tickets on Thursday 22nd October in the Parkinson building from 12-2pm. Come and see one of the committee members if you are interested!
We will also be selling them at Japanese Society and EARS meetings!

So be sure to get your ticket as soon as possbile.

Come and join us… it’ll be a scream…

Date: Wednesday 28 October 2009
Time: 21:00 to 02:00
Location: Mine, Leeds University Union


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