Japanese Society is back to OK Karaoke ♪


Hey y’all !!

Hope you had a spooktacular Halloween, and enjoyed yourself at the Halloween party with EARS!

To spice things up a little our next social will be held on Wednesday the 4th of November,
and because it’s been a while since we sang our hearts out, we’re going back to OK Karaoke! ♪
I know that you were anxiously waiting just for this!

This time we’ll be in a cosy booth AND we’ll get food!! ♥
Plus we’ll have the usual drinks offers for members 😀

So yes, OK Karaoke on 4th of November, starting from 7.30pm. For those who don’t know where it is, we’ll be meeting at Parkinson’s steps at 6.45 and start heading down to OK Karaoke at 7.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

p.s. Don’t forget your IDs 😉

DATE: Wednesday 4th November
TIME: from 7:30pm
LOCATION: OK Karaoke, Leeds


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