First Event of 2011


Hi everyone:)

Akemashite Omedetou to one and all!! Hope you all had good christmas holidays and got everything that you wanted (if you were good last year that it)

Just a message about the first social event of 2011!!

Saturday 22nd of January the japanese society will be celebrating the end of exams and sports sec. pash’s birthday with our Otley run event! the otley run (for those not sure) is a pub crawl from woodies ale house just outside of headingly to strawbs bar just below the university.
1/22(土)にjapanese societyはテスト終了の打ち上げにotly runをします。Otly runは、headinglyのwoodies ale house から大学のそばのstrawbsまで飲み歩くイベントで、leedsの学生なら一度は経験したほうがいい、絶対に盛り上がるイベントです。。

We have a plan to meet at Woodies Ale House pub in Far Headingly at 1pm, although we will be getting a bus from Parkinson steps at 12 30pm for those who want to join from the start.
13:00にFar HeadinglyのWoodies Ale House pubに集合の予定だけど、最初から参加したいけど場所が分からないという人は、12:30にparkinson stepsからbusに乗ってみんなで移動しましょう。

You dont have to join in from the start….there are about 20 pubs in the ‘run’ so you can join (and leave) whenever:)

The otley run is also famous for having a fancy dress theme! Although this is just optional! Our theme will be famous movie characters. for example…king kong, batman, harry potter-ANYTHING!:D
otley runには毎回簡単なドレスコードがあって今回は有名な映画のキャラクターです(バットマン、ハリーポッターなど)。もちろんこのドレスコードは強制じゃないので普通の格好での参加もOKです。

If you do come..please dont forget I.D!! The otley run is very strict on I.D. You wont be allowed in to some bars without it!
参加してくれる人は必ずID(パスポートなど)を持ってきてください。Otley runはIDに厳しいので忘れた人はbarに入れません

friends and new people also welcome!!

See you there!
Japanese society


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