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It’s that time of year again when we need to call on you! (the voices of japanese society) to come and vote for 2011/2012 committee members!

Venue: OK Karaoke (big room at the back)
Date: Wednesday 16th March
Time: 8:00pm until late!

…Q. ‘I want to run for a position. what do i do?:O’

A. ANYONE who is currently in 3rd year can run for the positions (even if youre not actually studying japanese-there have been presidents like this before) Also you dont have to run for the president postion alone-you can run with a friend (again there have been ex-presidents like this).We will probably do the speeches in the order shown below from 8.30pm (so it gives everyone time to assemble).

There are only three positions to run for….
1) President (ruler of the society)
2) Secretary (general events maker/in charge of emails etc..)
3)Treasurer (in charge of the money etc..)

Please note that you will have to do some kind of speech as to why you would like to run for the position and why eveyone should vote for you. There will also be a small q&a section from the society (but nothing too daunting:D)

Q. ‘i cant be/dont want to be a candidate. Is it worth coming?’

A. YES it is!! We would really like to see as many of you there as possible! We can’t have a fair vote if enough of you dont turn up:O This isnt a members only event either…anyone who attends the AGM can vote. The speeches will only take up about 30mins of your time, so nothing too long:) Also if you have any questions you think would be good to ask the candidates for any positions-feel free to ask:D

The new committee members will be announced during the night and karaoke celebrations will follow XD

Hope to see you there! All welcome:)


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