Japanese Society – LURPS Semi-Otley Run!



Saturday 25th June, 12:30pm from the Hyde Park Pub.

And so the time has come for a final Otley Run. This time it will be a joint event between the Japanese Society and the Leeds U Rock Paper Scissors Society. In each pub along the way there will be a Rock Paper Scissors tournament, with a medal awarded to each winner. At the end, the overall winner (from points awarded depending on each tournaments placings) will be awarded a trophy.

Owing to the timing… of events, and to ensure that people can comfortably relax, this is a half-Otley run. The tournaments will be held under an instant knock-out structure, but people will be able to enter the next tournament in the next pub.

Please remember that you do not need to drink alcohol in every pub, and you are encouraged to drink responsibly. Also please be aware that FAB Cafe has a no sportswear policy, so please no tracksuit bottoms (trainers are ok).

— Schedule —
Please note that you will need to register for each tournament before its start time, as they need to begin on time.

12:30pm – The Hyde Park Pub
1:30pm – The Library Pub
2:30pm – The Packhorse
3:30pm – The Eldon
4:30pm – The Old Bar
5:30pm – The Fenton
6:30pm – Strawberry Fields
7:30pm – Dry Dock
8:30pm – FAB Cafe

Please remember ID!


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