Welcome to the LUU Japanese Society 2011/2012


Welcome to the LUU Japanese Society!

As President of the Leeds University Union Japanese Society for the year 2011/2012, the committee and I would like to send you all a big welcome message and let you know who we are, what our society is all about, and what we have planned for this year!

We’d also like to congratulate everyone who passed their A-Level exams and are coming to study at Leeds- We can’t wait to meet you all and hopefully convince you to join our amazing society! The same goes for our international and exchange students, we are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Leeds and the U.K, and being good hosts to you all.

To our Kouhai returning from Japan- Your reputation precedes you! We’ve heard nothing but good things about you from the year above us, so it’ll be great to finally put faces to names! Hopefully what we have planned for this year will soften the blow of having to adjust to life back in plain ol’ Igirisu.

We also hope we can rely on the support of our Doukyuusei in Final Year in making this year’s Japanese Society great!!

So much for the greetings, now to tell you a little bit about our Society-

Our society is … simply put… all about Anglo-Japanese Exchange. Introducing Japanese people to British culture and vice versa, but we are not a society that caters exclusively to students of Japanese, our membership base stretches from Japanese Exchange Students and International Students to Leeds Students from all subject areas. Basically, we want to act as “cultural ambassadors” so to speak, to our Japanese guests, by acting as a forum where they can meet Leeds Students easily and learn more about their host country’s language and culture. Above all, we want our Exchange Students to feel at home during their time with us. As well as this, the Japanese Society is there for students of Japanese and those who are just Japan-crazy, so that they can meet like-minded people, make Japanese friends, practise their Japanese and learn more about Japan.

Basically… if you are interested in having lots of free tea and biscuits with Japanese people/Leeds Students once a week…if you feel like you can really bring the heat at our fortnightly Karaoke socials (or at least like watching people who think they can 😛 )…then come to our introductory Meet and Greet from 18.30- 20.00 on Wednesday 28th September in the Common Room Opposite the Hidden Café to find out more about us and what we have in store for this year. There’s going to be an ice-breaking quiz…the chance to buy membership…and an in-person introduction from all of us on the committee. Also, free biscuits! If that doesn’t tempt you out to come and see us, maybe the prospect of going to the pub afterwards to celebrate will, so save the date!!

Before then, we will be manning a stall at the International Freshers’ Fair (September 16th 14.00-18.00, The Riley Smith Hall) and at the bigger Freshers’ Fair (September 22nd 10.00- 16.00, The Riley Smith Hall) for those of you who want to get your membership earlier! (a mere £5 for the year, incidentally). All of you early birds who sign up during Freshers’ Week will be automatically entered into our Super-Happy-Fun-Raffle, to be drawn at our Meet and Greet, for the chance to win various Japanese themed Prizes 😀

As well as myself (Daniel Brooks, President), we currently have 12 Committee Members:-

Isabelle Demaude- Treasurer
Simon Hughes- Secretary
Zoheb Ahmad- Captain of the FC Japandas
Nils Simon- Sports Secretary
Mike Gregory- Creative Designer
Kazuya Asakura- Japanese Representative
Georgie Clark- Representative for Members not studying Japanese
Jayson O’Reilly- Committee Deputy
Verity Townsend- Committee Deputy
Diana Soares- Committee Deputy
Camilla Crawshaw- Committee Deputy

Well that’s all for now…Enjoy the rest of your Summer!!!

Looking forward to meeting you all,



President: Daniel Brooks jl08dkb@leeds.ac.uk
Secretary: Simon Hughes ml08sah@leeds.ac.uk
Treasurer: Isabelle Demaude jl08id@leeds.ac.uk

For our members, and those interested in joining us, all of our fabulous socials/cultural events/updates and announcements will be posted up on our social network pages, as well as our website.

Follow us on:-

Website : https://japansoc.wordpress.com/

Leeds University Japanese Societyhttp://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=2245670224



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