Pre-semester 2 updates


Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while since the last update, we had some technical difficulties that we needed to get sorted out.

We had a great semester last term, and some fantastic events leading up to Christmas, including the Halloween Party and the Christmas Ball. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves, we definitely did!

We have a number of events in the pipeline for this semester, most noticeably the Easter Party and a Summer Ball, about which we will post some more information closer to the times.

We’re also in the process of organising Society hoodies, and will hopefully be able to start taking orders soon!

Karaoke is also changing to once a month instead of once a fortnight. We hope that this will encourage a bigger turnout and look forward to seeing you there. We will let you know about dates and times via our Facebook page.

In the meantime, we have pub socials every week at the Eldon Pub on Mondays at 8pm, so feel free to come along and meet everyone.


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  1. Could you please inform me whether or not here will be either a Spirit of Japan Festival or a Tanabata Festival held this year by the University Japanese Society. I have supported them in the past and enjoyed them immensely


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