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The Final Report for Japanese Society 2010/11


Glorious Japanese Society,

Hope you are all having a good summer!

It’s that time of year again for us to say goodbye and hand Japanese Society over to the new committee. But first, a report and message of thanks to everyone that has made Japanese Society into the amazing beast that it has been this year.

Leeds Tanabata Festival 2011We’ve had a tremendous year this year, not only have we been able to hold several amazing events but we have also won awards and donated £12,000 to good causes inluding the Red Cross in aid of the Japanese tsunami appeal and an extension of the UK-Japan Young Scientists Programme that will allow orphans from the tsunami disaster to come to the UK on an exchange trip to escape the trauma of living in evacuation centers. Though like many committees we have not been able to do everything that we would like, we’ve worked hard this year and improved our links not only with the LUU and our department but we have also managed to establish them in both industry, across the university and with various schools, academics and Japanese public figures.

Financially, we have used your membership money to offer the best events at the cheapest prices that we possibly can and have left enough in the pot to give the guys next year a decent start in the hope that the next committee will be able to carry on all that we have built up over the past 12 months. We also bestowe you our awesome torii gate and Japandas.

OK, with that report stuff out of the way, there are quite a few people we would like to thank. To start with, our biggest thanks go to our members who have not only supported us throughout the year but also often contributed their time and hard work to various causes within the society. Japanese Society is what it is because of you guys.

Image from Hairsalon Kojima


Across the University we have a lot of thanks to give out, particularly to the Union and International Office who helped us a lot with Tanabata and the thousand cranes event. Special thanks go to the department, the Japanese teachers routinely let us interrupt their lessons to recruit help for Tanabata and often relayed messages for us which was really helpful. The office staff have been great in letting people know what is going on, we recieved a lot of support for Professor Williams and Dr Ruru Li during Tanabata and Dr Rose has been helping us out majorly all year, it is also thanks to her we were able to host the talk by Akiko Yamanaka.

The committee also deserves thanks for all of their hard work this year, Katie Turner and Karen Orme especially for all that they have done, as well as Matt Anstis, Zoheb Ahmad, Sarah Turner, Alex Hammond and everybody else. Special thanks also go to our DJ’s Kosuke Ishida and Yasuharu Suematsu, as well as Kimmochi Eguchi for organising for his parents to do several talks and demonstrations, Oscar Shefik for always fixing us free karaoke and Jason Liu for all of his cardboard creations.

Lastly Darlo, who neve really seems to get quite as much appreciation as he deserves, thanks for everything, there will never be such an excellent web or quiz master.

Right, think that’s everything, it’s all up to the new guys now. All the best for next year and take care.

Carley Radford
LUU Japanese Society President 2010-2011

Riley Award Winners of 'Best Event' and Faith and Culture Society


Japanese Society – LURPS Semi-Otley Run!


Saturday 25th June, 12:30pm from the Hyde Park Pub.

And so the time has come for a final Otley Run. This time it will be a joint event between the Japanese Society and the Leeds U Rock Paper Scissors Society. In each pub along the way there will be a Rock Paper Scissors tournament, with a medal awarded to each winner. At the end, the overall winner (from points awarded depending on each tournaments placings) will be awarded a trophy.

Owing to the timing… of events, and to ensure that people can comfortably relax, this is a half-Otley run. The tournaments will be held under an instant knock-out structure, but people will be able to enter the next tournament in the next pub.

Please remember that you do not need to drink alcohol in every pub, and you are encouraged to drink responsibly. Also please be aware that FAB Cafe has a no sportswear policy, so please no tracksuit bottoms (trainers are ok).

— Schedule —
Please note that you will need to register for each tournament before its start time, as they need to begin on time.

12:30pm – The Hyde Park Pub
1:30pm – The Library Pub
2:30pm – The Packhorse
3:30pm – The Eldon
4:30pm – The Old Bar
5:30pm – The Fenton
6:30pm – Strawberry Fields
7:30pm – Dry Dock
8:30pm – FAB Cafe

Please remember ID!

East Asian Ball Photos!


Hi everyone!

The photos from East Asian Ball are finally up!!

Anyone can view them on by clicking this link. The link is also on the Japanese society page!

Please tag yourselves and friends. Sorry If you’re tagged as the wrong people (Facebook’s new face recogniser believes you to all look the same – so full apologies!)

Happy holidays!!

Japanese Society xx

So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu~!


The Faversham
31 March · 20:00 – 23:00

As some of you may know, Natsuki Kitai will be sadly leaving Leeds this week to head back to Japan:(

Meet at the Faversham (which is just behind Charles Morris residences on university campus) from 8:00pm to have a farewell drink and say goodbye:)

Don’t forget I.D. See you all there:)

(videos added by Darlo)

Message from Next Year’s Committee


Greetings Japanese Society!
The recently elected Secretary (Simon Hughes), Treasurer (Isabelle Demaude) and President (me, Daniel Brooks) would like to thank those of you who gave us your support at the AGM. Our new team is looking for people to staff the LUU Japanese Society Committee with us for the upcoming academic year!

We are searching for people to fill the following potential positions:-

1. Vice President (duties would include filling in for me on occasion, and generally helping me out, as well as potentially taking the lead on certain events)

2. Assistant Secretary (the same as above, but acting as Simon’s deputy)

3. Deputy Treasurer (You are starting to get the idea)

The following are less heavy in terms of responsibility but still fulfill specific roles:

4. Representative for Japanese Exchange Students (as in a Japanese National to sit on the committee on behalf of the other ryuugakusei in Leeds and express their views)

5. Representative for Non-Japanese Students (a representative for students who are members of Japanese Society, but don’t study Japanese)

6. Creative Designer- (Someone who’d be willing to handle the design aspect of our p.r)

7. Committee Member (People who do not want any specific responsibility, but would still like to be on the committee and be an extra pair of hands)

If people who are interested in a particular role could (As soon as possible) send their names to me either by facebook email or to,… including a short statement explaining why you would be good for the role, and what you think you could bring to the committee. We are looking for people who are prepared to make a long term commitment to the society, so please note that committee members will not be chosen on the basis of their relationship to we three (Simon, Izzy and me), but rather on how they can contribute to the society. The positions are open to friends as well as people we don’t know as well. Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

Dan 🙂

Lantern Reflection


Lantern Reflection

24 March · 19:00 – 21:00
Terrace, Union Building

Come and experience a space to reflect amongst the bustle of uni life about the recent disasters in Japan.

Purchase a lantern from the Union Foyer in the lead up to the event for £3 and watch the transformation of Terrace’s own terrace as hundreds of lanterns set an atmospheric mood.

Japanese food will be on sale and there will be opportunities to leave a message on a huge message wall that will be sent over to Japan. It doesn’t matter whether you stay 2 minutes or 2 hours, just be sure to witness the spectacle and support this unique event.

All proceeds are going to the British Red Cross. You can also donate on their website at

Global Cafe – 28/3/2011 & Thanks


Hey guys,

For anybody that is interested, we need to re-enlist our army of crane folders for Global Cafe on 28th March!! People at the global cafe will be paying £2 to fold a crane and write a message inside which we will then hang up somewhere in the union! The event is on from 3 – 7 and there will be FREE tea, coffee and biscuits available!

Secondly, we have a social on friday and will be going bowling. Hopefully peoples minds will be taken off of current events, if only for a short time, to relax and have fun and to let all of you fundraising de-stress. Bring your student cards and you will get a game for a discount price!

Thirdly, huuuuuuuuuge thanks to Islamic society who have raised a tonne of money for the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Appeal, thank you for your support guys, it’s really appreciated!

Also thanks go to our friends EARS, who helped us collect money at their conference last weekend. Really thankful that you guys offered to let us do it! And great conference!

Lastly due to technical and union issues we now cannot send money to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund, and will be sending it directly to the Red Cross instead. This is purely a red-tape decision and we still lend our full support to everyone else at JERF and wish them the best of luck in their fundraising efforts.

See you all on Thursday for the lantern reflection, if not see you on friday for chill times at bowling, and thanks again for everyone’s support in this time of crisis, you’ve all been brilliant!