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Recent news from the society.

The Final Report for Japanese Society 2010/11


Glorious Japanese Society,

Hope you are all having a good summer!

It’s that time of year again for us to say goodbye and hand Japanese Society over to the new committee. But first, a report and message of thanks to everyone that has made Japanese Society into the amazing beast that it has been this year.

Leeds Tanabata Festival 2011We’ve had a tremendous year this year, not only have we been able to hold several amazing events but we have also won awards and donated £12,000 to good causes inluding the Red Cross in aid of the Japanese tsunami appeal and an extension of the UK-Japan Young Scientists Programme that will allow orphans from the tsunami disaster to come to the UK on an exchange trip to escape the trauma of living in evacuation centers. Though like many committees we have not been able to do everything that we would like, we’ve worked hard this year and improved our links not only with the LUU and our department but we have also managed to establish them in both industry, across the university and with various schools, academics and Japanese public figures.

Financially, we have used your membership money to offer the best events at the cheapest prices that we possibly can and have left enough in the pot to give the guys next year a decent start in the hope that the next committee will be able to carry on all that we have built up over the past 12 months. We also bestowe you our awesome torii gate and Japandas.

OK, with that report stuff out of the way, there are quite a few people we would like to thank. To start with, our biggest thanks go to our members who have not only supported us throughout the year but also often contributed their time and hard work to various causes within the society. Japanese Society is what it is because of you guys.

Image from Hairsalon Kojima


Across the University we have a lot of thanks to give out, particularly to the Union and International Office who helped us a lot with Tanabata and the thousand cranes event. Special thanks go to the department, the Japanese teachers routinely let us interrupt their lessons to recruit help for Tanabata and often relayed messages for us which was really helpful. The office staff have been great in letting people know what is going on, we recieved a lot of support for Professor Williams and Dr Ruru Li during Tanabata and Dr Rose has been helping us out majorly all year, it is also thanks to her we were able to host the talk by Akiko Yamanaka.

The committee also deserves thanks for all of their hard work this year, Katie Turner and Karen Orme especially for all that they have done, as well as Matt Anstis, Zoheb Ahmad, Sarah Turner, Alex Hammond and everybody else. Special thanks also go to our DJ’s Kosuke Ishida and Yasuharu Suematsu, as well as Kimmochi Eguchi for organising for his parents to do several talks and demonstrations, Oscar Shefik for always fixing us free karaoke and Jason Liu for all of his cardboard creations.

Lastly Darlo, who neve really seems to get quite as much appreciation as he deserves, thanks for everything, there will never be such an excellent web or quiz master.

Right, think that’s everything, it’s all up to the new guys now. All the best for next year and take care.

Carley Radford
LUU Japanese Society President 2010-2011

Riley Award Winners of 'Best Event' and Faith and Culture Society


East Asian Ball Photos!


Hi everyone!

The photos from East Asian Ball are finally up!!

Anyone can view them on by clicking this link. The link is also on the Japanese society page!

Please tag yourselves and friends. Sorry If you’re tagged as the wrong people (Facebook’s new face recogniser believes you to all look the same – so full apologies!)

Happy holidays!!

Japanese Society xx

Japandas FC


First of all welcome back to Leeds everyone. Hope exams have gone/are going well for everyone.

Just a quick reminder to any of the guys interested in playing for the Japanese Society 5-a-side football team. Here’s the facebook group:

We are in the Thursday league 3-4pm and our first match will be next week so January 28th at 3pm. If you don’t want to play, why not turn up and support us? Each match is only 30 minutes so it’s not a big commitment but the support would be much appreciated!

So please join the group if you want to play or be kept in the loop.


Your friendly neighbourhood Sports Secretary,


Hello everyone! Welcome back!


Hi guys, we hope everyone had a great new year and a good rest over the Christmas holiday.
Unfortunately, there will be no Japanese Society meetings during the exam period.So we won’t be having our first meeting ’til the 26th of Janurary.
Sorry everyone, it can’t be helped as the little committee faries are cracking on with their exams, but don’t worry we will message you when we are having the next meeting!
Good luck with exams and coursework!
The Japanese Society

Hello world!


Welcome to Leeds University’s Japanese Society! Share photos and stories here and keep people up to date with the latest goings-on in the world of Anglo-Japanese relations. Upcoming events, news, suggestions for the future of the society, post them all here! All members, past and present are invited to join, as well as those of you who are going to be coming to Leeds to study Japanese in the near future.