6 May 2011 – Leeds University UnionRiley Awards (Link).
Winners of the Best Event with the Tanabata Festival, and best Faith & Culture Society.

Winners of 2 Riley Awards 2011

15 Feb 2011 – Society of the Week (Link).

A little late this week, but as ever well deserved. Loads of the Faith & Culture groups are deserving of Society of the Week this week after an awesome International Cultural Festival, but the winners are…. JAPANESE SOCIETY

Japanese Society organised a ‘Tanabata Festival’ (Star Festival) on Friday on Saturday which involved music, performances, calligraphy, martial arts, Japanese lessons and a manga cafe. On Friday this was opened to local school kids in Leedsv and then on Saturday it was open to students.

The Tanabata Festival was also the first society event in the space made availiable by Union Books as these photos show. It really displays the potential for loads of different clubs and societies to use this space in new and exciting ways. If you have ideas of how the space could be used there’s a discussion going on here http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/topic.php?uid=17446621522&topic=14940

On top of all this Japanese Society also found time to compete in the International Cultural Festival football tournament, narrowoly missing out to the victors (Saudi Society). An all round good week!

If you want to nominate a group for Society of the Week just email t.j.mortimer@leeds.ac.uk with the reason why…


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