Welcome to Leeds University’s Japanese Society! Share photos and stories here and keep people up to date with the latest goings-on in the world of Anglo-Japanese relations. Upcoming events, news, suggestions for the future of the society, post them all here! All members, past and present are invited to join, as well as those of you who are going to be coming to Leeds to study Japanese in the near future.



Current Committee

Mary Burrows – President

Miruna Zegheru –  Secretary

Laurence Newbery-Payton – Treasurer

Mike Pritchard – Committee Deputy

Nick West – Committee Deputy

Calum Ferguson – Committee Deputy

Hilary Dixon – 3rd Year Rep

Past Committees


Daniel Brooks, President
Isabelle Demaude- Treasurer
Simon Hughes- Secretary
Zoheb Ahmad- Captain of the FC Japandas
Nils Simon- Sports Secretary
Mike Gregory- Creative Designer
Kazuya Asakura- Japanese Representative
Georgie Clark- Representative for Members not studying Japanese
Jayson O’Reilly- Committee Deputy
Verity Townsend- Committee Deputy
Diana Soares- Committee Deputy
Camilla Crawshaw- Committee Deputy


Carley Radford – President
Karen Orme – Secretary
Katie Turner – Treasurer
Alex Hammond – Vice President
Zoheb Ahmad – FC Japandas Captain
James Parish – Sports Secretary
Hiroaki Fukuda – Japanese Representative
Kimmochi Eguchi – Press Officer
Sarah Turner – Graphic Designer
Matt Anstis – Hero


Marcus Yau – President
Valery Selwood – Secretary
Rina Ogura – Treasurer
Hayden Binns – Vice President
Emily Rabone – Vice President
Karl ‘Ludo’ Fowles – Vice President
Sarah Turner – Communications Officer
Zoheb Ahmad – Sports Secretary


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